25 January 2012

A Conversation with John Huston, Polar Explorer, about “69˚S. (The Shackleton Project)”

Originally posted at ArtsEmerson Blog (1/25/12). Before 69˚S. (The Shackleton Project) comes to the Paramount Center Mainstage FEB 7-12, Emerson College Professor Magda Romanska talks to polar explorer John Huston. John and his expedition partner Tyler Fish arethe first two—and so far the only—Americans to travel unsupported from land to the North Pole. This 55-day, 475-mile […]

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15 January 2012

Bogusław Schaeffer: Poland’s Renaissance Man

Originally posted at The Cosmopolitan Review (1/15/12). Polish theatre has gained world renown thanks to its innovative and bold experimental style. In international theatre circles, it is often enough to mention the names of Grotowski, Kantor, Witkacy, and Gombrowicz to elicit profound nods of approval. One aspect of Polish theatre that is well known but rarely […]

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12 January 2012

A Conversation With Harvey Young about Robbie McCauley

This blog was initially posted at ArtsEmerson Blog (1/12/12). Emerson College Professor and Dramaturg Magda Romanska talks to Harvey Young, award-winning author, theatre scholar and internationally recognized authority on African American theatre, about Robbie McCauley, the African American experience and the importance of the body, memory and confession. Magda Romanska: In your book, Embodying Black Experience, […]

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2 November 2011

AAPEX Interview: Magda Romanska

Originally posted at AAPEX (11/2/11). Polish-born writer and dramaturg Magda Romanska is an assistant professor of Theatre Studies and Dramaturgy at Emerson College in Boston, MA, and a research associate at Harvard University’s Davis Center. She studied literature and drama at Stanford University and Yale School of Drama, and earned a Ph.D. in Theatre from Cornell University. […]

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31 August 2010

Travelogue: Notes from Italy

This blog was originally posted at Amazing Travel Stories Florence and Milan The first thing I noticed in Milan were, anomalous to my Americanized eyes, hordes of clean shaved metrosexuals in perfectly tailored Armani jackets and Gucci shoes. If it weren’t for the American men, happily touristing the city in stretched-out t-shirts and Birkenstocks, my gaydar […]

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16 July 2007

Do We Need Another Book on Beckett? – Review of A Beckett Canon by Ruby Cohn

Read more at Platform (pdf) (7/15/07). During the year 2001, there have been 21 books on Beckett published in English and French alone, the same number in 2000 and 15 in 1999.  Among them are such titles as The Complete Critical Guide to Samuel Beckett (2000, Pattie David), The philosophy of Samuel Beckett (2001, John Calder), Beckett […]

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