23 April 2012

How I Survived Socialism: A Self-help Guide For Worried Americans

Originally posted at The Cosmopolitan Review (4/22/12). “The regime was harsh, the system absurd but rules made up in Moscow were no match for the individualistic Poles. Magda Romanska’s delightful short story shows us how it was done. Elegantly, of course.”  “The Solidarity period in Poland lasted from August 1980 until December 1981. While it was […]

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31 August 2010

Travelogue: Notes from Italy

This blog was originally posted at Amazing Travel Stories Florence and Milan The first thing I noticed in Milan were, anomalous to my Americanized eyes, hordes of clean shaved metrosexuals in perfectly tailored Armani jackets and Gucci shoes. If it weren’t for the American men, happily touristing the city in stretched-out t-shirts and Birkenstocks, my gaydar […]

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