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          Opheliamachine mention.

          Magda Romanska on disability and representation.

          Magda Romanska on disability and representation.     Magda Romanska on disability and representation.

           Magda Romanska on disability and representation.

           Magda Romanska on Greek tragedy.

   The best live theater to stream online.

Magda Romanska wins Innovation Grant from LMDA for – an Interactive Digital Map of Global Theatre Festivals.

Magda Romanska on comedy and politics.

Magda Romanska received the Elliot Hayes Award.

Review of The Rosenbergs, the new opera.

Magda Romanska interviewed on opera.

Theatre and Performance Podcast discusses calling it a ‘heroic project.’

The_New_York_Times_logoThe New York Times feature article on B.F.A. in Comedic Arts at Emerson College, a program founded by Martie Cook, Magda Romanska, Tom Kingdon, Ken Feil, Maureen Shea, Michael Bent, Richard Hoffman, Hassan Ildari, and Adam Greenfield.

At Emerson College, 50 students in Magda Romanska’s World Drama contributed fifty Wikipedia entries for underrepresented playwrights and plays.  Student editors in this course were in the top 15% of contributors in WikiEdu program this term, writing an average of 2,200 words each.


The class was also mentioned in The Washington Post story on the use of Wikipedia in classroom.

Boston_Globe_LogoOp-ed on Boston’s theatre scene.


The Wall Street Journal reviews BLO’s production of The Love Potion: “The haunting BLO staging …a perfect image of enduring love.”

The New York Times reviews BLO’s production of The Love Potion: “unbearably moving production.”



Opera News mentions Rigoletto dramaturgical program notes.

Podcast: Jesters and Fools: A History of Wit and Whimsy.  WNPRR looks back on jesters and fools throughout history and ask who exactly were these entertainers of old. Magda Romanska is a guest.

American Theatre logo

American Theatre reviews The Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy: “Dramaturgs of the World, Unite—and Parse This Text.”

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The Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy gets an international mention in The Manila Bulletin. 

Magda Romanska on dramaturgy for The Boston Globe. 

Podcast: KCRW Los Angeles reviews Magda Romanska’s Opheliamachine – “a series of scenes that explore the themes of feminity, power, sex, rage, love, and madness through a faceted portrayal of Ophelia.”

2010-08-25 THR Sketch


The Hollywood Reporter reviews Magda Romanska’s Opheliamachine: “fiercely meditative mirror…funny yet brutal.” 


Los Angeles times reviews Magda Romanska’s Opheliamachine: an uncompromising vision….fiercely confrontational.” 


LA Weekly reviews Magda Romanska’s Opheliamachine: “relentlessly provocative and challenging.” 

Cultural Weekly

Cultural Weekly on Opheliamachine: “OpheliamachineTakes on Influential 20th-Century Theatre Work.”

Santa Monica Daily Press reviews Opheliamachine.

Podcast: Magda Romanska discusses her new book, The Post-Traumatic Theatre of Grotowski and Kantor on NewBooksNetwork.

JewishAdvocate Magda Romanska discusses how the Holocaust shaped theatre and her new book, The Post-traumatic Theatre of Grotowski and Kantor.