13 april 2016

WNPR: Jesters and Fools: A History of Wit and Whimsy

History and literature are filled with their antics. From the Renaissance’s Triboulet to Shakespeare’s Feste from Twelfth Night, jesters and fools have delighted us for centuries with their subversive humor and quick wit. Often disabled and mistreated, these men and women relied on fortune and their ability to amuse to survive. And while some did quite well, others suffered fates from banishment to execution for failing to please their kings. WNPR looks back on jesters and fools throughout history and ask who exactly were these entertainers of old.

2 june 2015

new books network: 'The Post-Traumatic Theatre of Grotowski and Kantor'

In The Post-Traumatic Theatre of Grotowski and Kantor, Magda Romanska bridges the disciplinary divides between theater studies and Slavic studies, between the history of Poland in the twentieth century and the history of avant-garde theatre, to place these works in a Polish and international context.

25 june 2013

KCRW los angeles: City Garage's "Opheliamachine"

Magda Romanska’s Opheliamachine is a series of scenes that explore the themes of feminity, power, sex, rage, love, and madness through a faceted portrayal of Ophelia. The title character is split in three: we have Ophelia the Brain — typing away at a vintage typewriter complete with bell; Ophelia the terrorist clad in black fatigues with a .45 tucked into her bare midriff; and finally Ophelia the Mad confined to a wedding dress and, at times, a wheelchair.